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Write Your Own Story, abbreviated WYOS, is a collaborative narrative game previously hosted in Off-Topic and the forefather to DRAW Your Own Story. The first self-titled WYOS was created by Judge_Deadd in 2003, but the idea can be traced as early as 2001 to a thread by willemvanoranje named "Let's write a story II". WYOS never gained the same level of popularity as its offspring, with the most successful threads reaching 75 posts and many threads failing to grow beyond a single page.

In March 2014, WYOS was revived by Omega124 and KaiserElectric, erstwhile DYOS participants known for verbose roleplay in Imperium Offtopicum, who were more comfortable writing than drawing. A second thread was spearheaded by Tolni in 2016, set in the Fallout universe. Unlike previous threads where posts were only 2–3 sentences maximum, the latest installments encourage chapter-length entries and independent plotlines.