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I heard he scares n00bs in their sleep
— Anonymous CFC poster [1]

Wyrmshadow is a CFC forumer and unit graphics artist at Civ3 Creation and Customization. He is the most prolific unit maker on the board, known for his short temper and dedication to quality.

n00bs take heed... ...fast and quick!

A Wyrmshadow Edit:

Current Unit count stands at over 2300 posted units and still climbing. n00bs no longer need fear me because most have already been frightened off. The first author of this article must written it long ago. A great bio that I wrote a while ago can be found at this link[2]

If one is interested in non-civilization art, I have a youtube page [3] and one on Deviantart [4]

I think this sums up my personality nicely "Yes I am I high strung, overly obsessive and demand the impossible out of poeple, like the ability to read . That is how I have been my entire life and I'm not going to change any time soon. No I will not chill out and smoke a doobie. Think of me as a TV program. You don't like it, don't watch it." The picture of me in the top right corner is one of the few times I'm actually smiling in public, because I have rare cause to smile.