Zombie menace

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Zombie Menace
Part of the Avatar Wars
DateApril 24, 2008 - February 16, 2009
LocationEastern Europe
Result DYOS 1 Zombies killed,
many people also killed/zombified,
Zombie army un-existed by The Hacker
Zombies Pretty much everyone else
Commanders and leaders
Aleksei Vasilii Guba
Ryouichi Sasaki
File:DYOS Zombies.png
The DYOS 1 Zombies - pictured: Zombie French Curtsibling, Zombie Curtsiblings, Zombie Saddam Hussein, Zombie CivCube, Zombie Mojotronica, Zombie China444, Zombie Puglover

The Zombie Menace was an attack of zombies in DYOS 10. In the midst of Kan' Sharuminar's taking hostage of the Consul, a few zombified versions of DYOS 1 characters such as CurtSibling, Saddam Hussein, and elden arrived at the scene via Kan's TARDIc and started feasting. Following a brief battle, the DYOS 1 Zombies disappeared, and later reappeared in Moscow. Upon arrival, they started zombifying the city's residents, including much of Stylesjl, taillesskangaru, choxorn's armies, and choxorn himself. After taking control of Moscow, they started attacking outward, eventually zombifying all of European Russia, Southern and Eastern Europe, and some of Finland. They then reached the battles between the Republic of Coruscant, Free Western Army, and Combine Empire in Germany, and joined in the fighting. The DYOS 1 Zombies were then vaporized by a laser from space after refusing to give choxorn 500 million dollars to pay The Narrator for unknown purposes. Choxorn, now in control of the zombie army, attempted to continue this battle before all the zombies were un-existed by The Hacker. All Zombie territories were re-conquered by the FWA and EU while the zombies were in the Unexisted Dimension.


Since the end of the Avatar Wars, the zombies' presence has been minimal. choxorn continues to lead a small (tamed- well, mostly, at least) zombie horde that follows him around between hiatus. There was a brief flare-up when choxorn et al. ran across the Gogf in DYOS 11, but that was put to bed when Perfection blew up the ship.

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