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"I think I made fish too hardcore" --Toady One

These terrible beasts challenge the mighty elephants for the post of King of Beasts. Their insidious nature and vicious strength provide them with the means to drag a fully grown dwarf into the aquatic depths, whereupon they proceed to gnaw at the struggling victim. And this is not all, for the awful carp can stare at the well-meaning fisherdwarf who for fear at these awful descendants of the Old Ones, are sent staggering back, too often straight off a cliff. To make things worse, they will taunt the hunters, who in hopes of achieving eternal glory, will unload whole quivers towards them, oblivious to nearby animals walking on land. Not all hope is lost, for the carp bears an Achilles heel, and will however die after the first winter if one is lucky enough to have a map which freezes. Otherwise, one may try draining all the rivers and lakes to air-drown these water-fiends (but be wary not to water-drown your dwarves in the process).

Use in DYOS

A large menace in the failed Members Comic Quest. Tore apart strongholds and invaded bases.

Hannibal ran a store that sold Carp Leather, which was used as a trap by Stylesrj to eliminate several Carp leaders


The Hacker has recently begun to weaponise carp. So far he's caused significant damage to the Blood Gulch Mercenaries and minor injuries to Wesker