List of choxorn's Former Avatars

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This is a list of choxorn's former avatars, with some notes about them, and links to pages if they have enough importance to get their own page.

An Infantry from Civ III

He seemed to have the ability to either clone himself or get a bunch more Civ III Infantry to appear out of nowhere, judging by the army he had at the beginning of DYOS 10.

An Alien known only as Alien

Somewhat badly drawn in MS Paint, he got killed by Voldemort in DYOS 9 and later returned as a cyborg in DYOS 10. Nothing more about him is known.

The Arbiter from Halo

Appeared in DYOS for the longest amount of time, had all the abilities the Halo character had (Energy Shields, Active Camo, a bunch of weapons, etc...), and got blow'd up by a bomb.

A Confused General

This still sort of is choxorn's avatar, he's just been zombified.