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The Consul Era (September 2007 - onwards) is the current "era" of DYOS threads.

Unlike the previous threads, a DYOS Consul oversees activities within DYOS threads, and a new set of rules controls the flaming and powergaming that plagued the threads of the Post-DYOS 5 Era. As a result, DYOS has been without a major bout of flaming since the start of DYOS 10.

The current DYOS threads are less active than the ones in the past. Nevertheless, new contributors include e350tb, DaemonDD, lord_joakim, GuitarHero, Huayna Capac357 and others. Comics are arguably of improved quality than past comics. A possible reason for this is that the rules allow people to put a bit of effort into making their comics, due to the lowered likelihood of the thread being gone tomorrow, or some powergaming-related mischief rendering their work moot.


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