Consul Era

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The Consul Era (September 2007 onwards) is the current "era" of DYOS threads.

Unlike the previous threads, a DYOS Consul oversees activities within DYOS threads, and a new set of rules controls the flaming and powergaming that plagued the threads of the Post-DYOS 5 Era. As a result, DYOS has been without a major bout of flaming since the start of DYOS 10.

The current DYOS threads are less active than the ones in the past, sometimes spanning months between contributions. Nevertheless, new contributors include e350tb, DaemonDD, lord_joakim, GuitarHero, Huayna Capac357 and others. Comics are arguably of improved quality than past comics. A possible reason for this is that the rules allow people to put more effort into making their comics, due to the lowered likelihood of the thread being gone tomorrow, or some powergaming-related mischief rendering their work moot. As a result, storylines are much more cohesive and explore deeper themes than those of previous eras.


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