Demetrius Zaarin

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File:Demetrius Zaarin.jpg
Zaarin as depicted in every comic he appeared in

Demetrius Zaarin was an Imperial admiral who sought to install himself as Emperor of the galaxy during the Galactic Civil War. Originally a Grand Admiral, Zaarin was the Imperial Navy's head of starfighter research and development. At his facility "Research," he developed such starfighters as the TIE Advanced and the TIE Defender. He also secured new technology for the Empire from third parties, such as the Habeen. In addition to his design skills, he was a talented tactician. At some point in his career, however, he grew dissatisfied with Emperor Palpatine's rule, and began making preparations to take over the Galactic Empire.

Zaarin was one of CivGeneral's rebellious avatars who was likely responsible for securing the allegiance of the Coruscanti Navy after Mara Jade's insurrection. Following the reconstruction of the loyalist starfleet, CivGeneral ambushed Zaarin's command fleet over Mars and quickly apprehended him.

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