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Machinima (machine-cinema) is a fancy term to describe a style of filming conducted through a software engine, typically that of a video game. The related term machinomics refers to static media, i.e. comics compiled from in-game screenshots, and is used most prevalently by CivGeneral and Stylesrj. Quality can range from frames of opportunity, to carefully constructed scenes, and encompasses both two- and three-dimensional engines. Garry's Mod has become ubiquitous as a source for machinima thanks in part to its nature as a sandbox mod for Source games. Eventually, Source Filmmaker was released by Valve on July 27, 2012. Adding another medium for machinima comics.

Green-screening is commonly used as a means of transposing characters and settings from different engines to a mutually compatible medium.

Popular machinomic sources in DYOS

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