Leiong Leang

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Leiong Leang
In the end, all fall before me!
"The dance of battle is strange and brief, and this battle with you has been... strangely brief! Hahahaha"
Leiong Leang currently in DYOS/Original Leang image (inset)
Nickname(s) "The Tigress"
Allegiance Tremble before the flag, general! China
Service/branch PLA Elite Forces
Rank General, Class AAAA
A wise man knows when to retreat. Obviously you are not such a man.
—General Leang

Leiong "Tigress" Leang is a Class AAAA general in the People's Liberation Army from the game Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour specializing in overwhelming force.

She sees it as her professional duty to corral General Kwai. As a running gag, whenever Kwai is about to quote one of his lines, such as "Build more tanks", Leang gives him a deadly glare which causes him to back down.

Whenever Leang is around, General Kwai is not to far to be seen.


General Leang and General Kwai have made an effort to take over narration for DYOS XI for Stylesrj's comics, after they ran over and shot the last narrator.

So far, they've been doing a god job narrating, despite all the troubles in Narratorspace including The Hacker taking over, Haruhi Suzumiya occasionally dropping by and Kwai's incessant ramblings about tanks.

However, recently she had gotten into a fight with Bayonetta which ensued in a large punchout/shootout which damaged Leang's left eye.
Because of this, she wears an eyepatch over her left eye and has done so for several narrations
Sometimes however, she forgets to put the eyepatch on her left eye and puts it on her right. There appears to be no actual damage to her left eye, meaning her wound has healed and the eyepatch is just for adding to her character, which she claims makes her "feel like Big Boss"


Leang claims to have wisdom and can sometimes be found quoting plans and battles from several sources. However, at times, her personality can also be seen as arrogant and highly aggressive, resorting to powerful kung-fu kicks on her opponents instead of telling them to go away.

Considering how she has to spend time with Kwai, it can be understood on why she can become aggressive so easily.


General Kwai While Kwai does get on Leang's nerves, in her mind, her duty is to corral his behaviour. They get along together in battle, but outside of it, they can hardly stand each other. Leang has said on many occasions that "No one insults, attacks or kills him, unless it's me doing it!"

Stylesrj Professional Relationship. They don't see each other much, but they can get along easily if they have to.

General Townes Much like Kwai, Leang hates General Townes. But unlike Kwai, she won't defend him in a fight. It stems back to DYOS 5 where Leang and Townes were on the planet Panzer and he kept chasing her across the skies, trying to marry Leang (although some speculate it was just really bad acting and they were being spies)

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