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The Crobuzon, approaching Earth
Production information
Manufacturer Central Vostok Aerospace
Class "Pharos" Assault Carrier
Cost Classified
Technical specifications
Maximum acceleration Classified
Maximum speed (atmosphere) Classified
Engine unit(s) Several Fusion thrusters
Hyperdrive system Dromon I Integrated
Shielding "Testudo" Shielding
Sensor systems Long-range
Navigation system "Atlantic" Hybrid Manual-Automatic Systems (HMAS)
Countermeasures Classified.
Armament A large number of rapid-fire energy turrets, "Suleiman" siege cannon
Complement Fighters, bombers, missiles
Docking bays Several large hangars
Communication systems Intrasystem and intersystem
Role(s) *Flagship
  • Assault Carrier
Earliest sighting Earth, DYOS 10.5
Affiliation Cosmonautic Armada of Vostok

The Crobuzon is a Pharos-Class Super-Heavy Assault Carrier in service with the Cosmonautic Armada of Vostok. It is one of the largest ship in the fleet and the vehicle of choice of (former) Supreme Commander Hannibal Barca.

It led the CAV expedition to Earth to find The Gem. Along with the rest of the fleet, it was ambushed by the Clone Guild. It survived the ambush only to be shot down in Earth's orbit by Coruscanti defence forces, for failing to respond as a result of a broken communication system. It was well-built enough for most of the ship to survive reentry. The wreckage crashed into the ocean; most of those on board survived and left the sinking vessel by boat.


"Crobuzon" was named after the city featured in China Miéville's Bas-Lag trilogy.