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Your guide to the site that started it all.

CivFanatics is the host website of DRAW Your Own Story.


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Civilization Fanatics' Center

Civilization Fanatics' Center (abbreviated CFC and CivFanatics) is a fan web site for the Civilization series of computer and video games published by a variety of companies (depending on the game), including Atari, Firaxis, and Microprose. It is owned and operated by user Thunderfall, who founded it in 2000. As one of the largest Civilization websites, it is mentioned on the main Civilization IV site. It was voted second best fan web site of 2005 at Voodoo Extreme.


In 1998, CivFanatics was created as a small personal homepage hosted by GeoCities. The host was changed to XOOM in 1999. The old site title was Civilization Fanatics' Page, and was part of the Thunderfall Impressions site. After the site was moved to Strategy Gaming Online in March 2000, the site's name was changed to Civilization Fanatics' Center. The current form of the CFC web site took shape after the move to Strategy Game Online, as server resources were no longer an issue, thus being able to offer bulletin boards and file downloads. The forum initially catered to players of Civilization and Civilization II, while later on experiencing the first big influx of new members just prior to and during the release of Civilization III. Subsequent influxes have arrived due to the releases of Civilization IV and Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.

The site experiences a friendly rivalry with Apolyton. These two sites are the largest Civilization fan sites on the internet. (more...)


Notable CFCers

Below is a list of popular people:


Quotable CFC

“Levis off. Levi's on. Never a misconception. You can't explain that. ”

~ JollyRoger

Things You Can Do

  • Track the news on the CFC front page and regurgitate it here if newspages are implemented.