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CivGeneral, many, many times
The original Rageguy

The “fffuuuuu” Rageguy is an ‘exploitable’ 4pane image macro in which the main character expresses serious disappointment/exasperation/displeasure with a given scenario (typically caused on accident). It was first referenced within the story proper when General Czciborycz was informed about the Space Nazi invasion of Poland[1], and later featured in Gruekiller's first page. In the past within the consulate, DYOS Wiki, and Off-Topic, the phrase has frequently been uttered by CivGeneral, along with "BROOKLYN RAGE!" during moments of frustration, usually caused by real life problems, certain posters, and/or third-party edits to his articles. CivGeneral & Motoko Kusanagi are candidates for rage mode, exclaiming "FFFFFUU", "RAGE", "BROOKLYN RAGE", or similar phrases indicating they have reached breaking point.

Comparable to Son, I am disappoint.

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