Nar Kreeta

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Nar Kreeta
It's Nar Kreeta, not Nal Hutta
Discovery date Not to Long Ago
Physical characteristics
Mass 5.9736 × 1024 kg
Story data
Notable features Urban, Deserts
Affiliation Hutt Empire (formerly)
KoolAidMan.PNG New Avatar Order (DYOS 10)
Combine.png Combine Empire (DYOS 10.5)
Republic of Coruscant (DYOS 11)

Nar Kreeta was a Hutt colony and major trade world before the events of the Avatar Wars. It is also the planet where three of CivGeneral's love interests (Alyx Vance, Samus Aran, Jill Valentine) had there first appearances (in sequence, to boot!), although how Jill and Alyx got there is anybody's guess.[1][2][3]

Fauna and Geography

Nar Kreeta featured a rocky landscape with mountains and canyons alongside large deserts and aquamarine seas.

Avatar Wars

Nar Kreeta was one of kulade's hideouts and bases to conduct his campaign during the Avatar Wars. He built his base on the inside of a mountain using old Hutt infrastructure, ever expanding to meet his needs with underground barracks and factories in the event he is ever forced to make a last stand.

Nar Kreeta was also home to kulade's prison complex in which he housed the injured Thunderfall.

Enter Thorvald and CivGeneral

On a quest to rescue Thunderfall, both Thorvald of Lym and CivGeneral tracked kulade to Nar Kreeta after the Battle of Earth. Navigating through air ducts and caverns to avoid detection [4][5], they eventually rescued Thunderfall[6] and fled the planet after a timely intervention by Alyx Vance scuttled kulade's lightsaber duel.

kulade's shady deals

With the New Avatar Order all but defeated and the Republic of Coruscant and Eastern Union emerging strong from the ashes of the Avatar Uprising, kulade resorted to bargaining with the Combine Empire for help. By agreeing to forfeit his planet in the event he should ever go AWOL, kulade was reinforced with Combine troops, the Moscow Citadel serving as his base of operations. Little did he know that the Combine were themselves striving for universal domination and were only interested in helping him insofar as he took losses in their stead.

Changing of the guard

After kulade was banished to the Realm of Hiatus, the Combine quickly took control of the planet as their operational capital, using the existing base and further expanding it to their needs. To this day, the Combine still controls the planet despite years of war against the Republic of Coruscant.

Enter Samus

During the events of the Gem expedition, the Combine were constructing a portal device that would enable easy transport of the Gem from Arrakis to Nar Kreeta. Samus Aran, snooping about on an unrelated mission, was captured and thrown, coincidentally, into the same cell block in which Thunderfall was imprisoned months earlier. Breaking free of her captors, she hijacked the portal device to flee to Dune, destroying the machine in the process [7][8].

The Pirate Resurgence and the Hax

Main article: Battle of Nar Kreeta

After the events of DYOS 10.5, what was left of the Combine was reduced to control of Nar Kreeta. Under ever-vigilant watch by the Coruscantis, they attempted to create a portal device to return the Advisors back to their home universe while the human staff sought formal annexation into the Republic of Coruscant [9].

After the arrival of CivGeneral and Samus Aran. The Republic and the Combine were faced with a Space Pirate assault against the planet. The Hacker infiltrated the prison complex where he personally confronted CivGeneral, Marsha, and Samus. In a stroke of brilliance to the Hacker, decided to break CivGeneral's spirit by haxing Samus out of existance. Though little known to the hacker was that CivGeneral's old high school girlfriend was not to far as well as a timely intervention by the G-man brought her into his realm [10].