Junichi Ishikawa

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Junichi Ishikawa
Ishikawa being escorted from Tōjō's office
Born Japan
Allegiance Mr. Toyoda
Service/branch Civil Protection
Rank Lieutenant
Operations Zombie menace
Hokkaidō Uprising
Battle of Fort Schmerzen

Lieutenant Junichi Ishikawa is a junior officer in Toyoda's forces. He was commissioned as a civil protection officer in the Hokkaidō prefecture, although following the events in DRAW Your Own Story 10.5 his current whereabouts are unknown. Ishikawa is best known for his assistance to CivGeneral in the search for Mr. Toyoda.

When Ishikawa was introduced, CivGeneral and Co. had been arrested under trumped-up charges soon after Toyoda declared veritable martial law in Kitami.[1] Ishikawa, their arresting officer, expounded on the situation Our Heroes had learned from the old man:[2] Captain Tōjō had instituted draconian police procedures that fomented tension among the locals. Toyoda's staff were especially sensitive to Tōjō's totalitarian tactics (which were not in a benevolent dictatorship sense), but the chain of command discouraged even bona fide contravention of his authority.[3] Ishikawa released them from his custody, and was subsequently punished for disobedience.[4]

Some time after Tōjō's overthrow, Ishikawa was promoted to lieutenant and encountered at the onset of the Battle of Fort Schmerzen.[5] He led a small strike force in a diversionary tactic that drew the surface guards away from the entrance to the bunker, allowing CivGeneral to penetrate the defences with minimal obstruction. Afterward, Ishikawa accompanied the protagonists into the depths of the bunker, and attempted to attend to Mr. Toyoda before General Grievous interfered.[6]

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