Aleksei Vasilii Guba

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Aleksei Vasilii Guba
Guba can typically be found at his house
Nickname(s) Alex
Born 19##
Allegiance  Russia /
 Eastern Union
Service/branch Army
Years of service 1940? – 1985
2006? –
Rank General
Commands held Third Army ca. 1985
Battles/wars Zombie menace

Aleksei Vasilii Guba is the arch-villain in the computer game Operation Flashpoint, who served as a gulag commissar and earned the nickname “The Dentist”. His exact role in the Union (and specifically Russian) military is unclear, although a televised news report suggests that if he is not in the direct chain of command, he is at least acting as an advisory body.[1]

Guba is a vocal critic of Thorvald of Lym, frequently expressing discontent with what he feels is Thorvald's prioritization of the Union's self-image over its federal and national interests. He paid the development of the Anglo-Coruscant-Union Treaty particular scrutiny, expecting Thorvald to sell out to appease the Republic of Coruscant.[2] He described watching the proceedings as "my own little method of torture".

Guba is loosely comparable to Coruscanti captain Francis Durga, a man who is also dissatisfied with his nation's course of action and who voices his opinions regardless of etiquette. Durga allegedly considers himself Guba's rival.[citation needed]

Zombie Menace

Guba was particularly interested in the zombie menace, and involved himself with military planning regarding the crisis. His policy was "complete extermination"; his ultimatum to the zombie masters promised "genocidal measures" would be taken if they did not vacate Union territory[3]. To that end, Guba masterminded an ambitious plan to detonate an SS-20 warhead containing a counter-agent over the Moscow Oblast, whereby natural dispersal would immunize the countries. The plan was costly and untested, and fortunately the crisis was resolved before it became a plausible option.

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